Read2N Whitepaper

1 Overview

Read2N is a Web3 lifestyle application that has built-in Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements.
Read2N is developed upon a basic daily activity that most people have - reading. We are the first project that effectively accomplishes the functional read & earn concept.
Users could prepare NFT for themselves in the form of books. Users could obtain game tokens by reading relevant books and these tokens could be either used in the game or converted into cash.
Through Game-Fi, Read2N aims at encouraging hundreds and thousands of people to read and create the DAO of certain literature as the ’governance content’. Each time of reading would enhance the consensus of this literature in nowadays world and help the author or the producers of the derivative works to construct the corresponding metaverse with this consensus.
This type of metaverse would vastly enrich the spiritual and cultural life of human beings. Both authors, readers, and producers of the derivative works could enjoy the metaverse and benefit from it.
Please Note: Read2N is currently undergoing public beta testing, therefore the content of the white paper might be changed in the future. We would write the changelog in detail for each update we make.
Game Token: RCM(Reading Create Metaverse)
Governance Token: WCM(Writing Create Metaverse)
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