Content copyrights application

Upon successfully addressing the challenges of electronic payment and authorized content access through decentralized means, it becomes feasible to recognize content copyrights as assets within a decentralized blockchain framework. This development paves the way for the decentralization and tokenization of content copyrights.

Content copyrights inherently exist as natural rights, independent of any centralized authority or requirement for formal registration. These rights, inherently intangible and not tethered to any physical entity, are among the earliest forms of digital consumer goods. This virtual nature of content copyrights renders them ideally suited for transformation into decentralized assets. By encrypting these rights onto a blockchain, they effectively transit from real-world assets into secure, on-chain entities, thus embracing the potential and benefits of a decentralized digital environment.

The steps for decentralizing content copyrights are as follows:

  1. The creator uploads the content to a storage blockchain and simultaneously issues a notice. The notice irrevocably transfers the governance rights of the work's copyright to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

  2. DAO issues copyright governance NFTs based on its charter.

  3. Anyone can qualify to participate in copyright governance by obtaining copyright governance NFTs.

  4. Copyright governance NFTs can be traded.

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