VII Public Issuance and Trading Platform for Content Copyright Assets

The decentralization of content distribution revenue, tokenization of content copyrights, and the incorporation of the Bonding Curve model with automated market maker functionality make this protocol not only a content distribution platform but also a platform for issuing and trading content copyright assets.

With a broad consensus among consumers, a clear revenue model, and virtually zero marginal costs for digital publications, this protocol transforms copyrights, a crucial real-world asset, from the closed and monopolistic traditional publishing industry into the public domain. This allows the reevaluation of copyright assets in front of a new group of investors. Moreover, as everything operates through a decentralized protocol, it can directly serve various types of digital publication copyright assets and global investors.

The positioning of the asset issuance and trading platform can also address the issue of the Bonding Curve model not directly benefiting issuers from NFT sales. The protocol will charge fees when users mint/redeem copyright governance NFTs and allocate a portion of these fees to the creators. This practice ensures creators' long-term income and incentivizes them to contribute continuously rather than selling and leaving.

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