VIII Co-creation Platform

The value creation of publications is not solely the original creator's work. Content generated through collaborative efforts, such as comments, adaptations, annotations, and continuations, may also have commercial value. However, in traditional publishing, creating such content receives no commercial returns and may trigger the original creator's copyright protection mechanisms, hindering collaborative creation [12].

Works published on this protocol, with the issuance of copyright governance NFTs, provide a convenient channel for co-creators to participate in the distribution of commercial value. As long as co-creators mint a copyright governance NFT, they can directly enjoy the economic benefits resulting from the increased commercial value of their contributed content.

The protocol will provide tools to facilitate various collaborative actions by co-creators and seamlessly integrate the formed content with the original work for paid content consumption.

Of course, co-creators can also independently publish their created content. The protocol will allow co-creators to share the commercial benefits of their content copyright assets with the copyright governance DAO of the original work.

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