SBTs in a New Generation Publish Era

In the realm of content publication, SBTs offer a strategic solution to the challenge of unauthorized multiple access to digital works [4]. The process involves encrypting content and storing it on a specific blockchain platform, such as Greenfield, Arweave, or IPFS. Access to this content is then exclusively mediated through designated NFTs, which in this context, are SBTs created under particular payment agreements and are inherently non-transferable.

For consumers desiring access to content, this system enables retrieval from any blockchain-based content distribution platforms via their personal wallets, available at their convenience from any location. Importantly, the non-transferable nature of these SBTs ensures that the content remains confined to the authorized wallet, effectively precluding the possibility of multi-wallet access and thereby preserving the integrity of content distribution.

Content works can be approached as unified entities, necessitating a single corresponding Soulbound Token (SBT) for access, or alternatively, segmented into pieces, each requiring an individual SBT. Users have the flexibility to acquire SBTs for all pieces simultaneously or on a per-piece basis.

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