X Privacy and Attribution

This protocol allows creators to publish and earn income from content without relying on centralized third parties. They can even tokenize content copyright and attract more users to build copyright influence collectively. During this process, creators can remain completely anonymous.

Since creators are anonymous, how can we ensure that a particular creator creates a work? We do not seek substantial correctness for this issue, which is very difficult to achieve. We will consider this issue from a decentralized perspective:

  1. Consensus mechanism is a very suitable solution.

  2. Creators can choose to be non-anonymous or semi-anonymous. If creators do not wish to be anonymous but rather want to avoid relying on centralized third parties for content publishing, they can introduce their real-world identity verification, social media account verification, and other third-party verifications for self-verification. All of this is aimed at increasing consensus.

  3. For completely anonymous creators, they need to bear the consensus damage caused by anonymity.

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