Read2N Whitepaper

10.11 Leasing System

To help promote good literature and construct a vaster metaverse consensus, we strongly encourage users to lend their book NFTs to the users whom do not own book NFTs to read.
One is also allowed to lease a single book NFT to multiple users at the same time.
We hope that the users who want to borrow book NFTs could go to the application’s Market. The user would need to apply for the leasing and after selecting the desired literature book, the user could pay for the rent, and the book NFT would be available for reading immediately.
When the book NFT is leased, the owner himself/herself is allowed to read, increase his/her energy, upgrade, or have BME.
The leasing is ’flexible’. For example, one book NFT is only available for 2 borrowers at the same time. The borrowing time limit for the first borrower is 7 days and there comes a second user borrowing the book NFT after 3 days with the same borrowing time limit. On the 8th day, the first borrower returns the book and the book could be leased to the third borrower immediately.
The leasing tax is 30% of the leasing fee
The leasing time limit is set by the leaser. The borrower could decide the leasing time within the leasing time limit.
The leasing price of the day would be decided by the owner of the book NFT in terms of BNB.
It also supports payment by Visa/Master credit card.
The leasing income would be transferred to the leaser’s account on a daily basis.
If the book is leased on the (T)th day, then the leasing fee of the (T)th day would be transferred to the leaser’s account on the (T+1)th day.
Once the leasing is made successfully, the leasing could be cancelled during the leasing time.