Read2N Whitepaper

10.5 Anti-cheating System

We would use an anti-cheating system to ban cheating in the game and to apply penalties to the cheaters’ accounts.
The anti-cheating system would obey the principle of being cautious and decisive,
its operating mechanism is a black box and will not be available to the public.
We would not accept any complaints about the anti-cheating system and we would not give an explanation for any penalty. (including banning)
Using devices that have been jailbroken, rooted, or with an altered operating system will lead to the malfunction of Read2N.
Please note that we would not help you retrieve your lost assets as a consequence of using GPS spoofing or hack software.
If the user is transferring the book NFT from the bookstore to the wallet and while the book NFT is being transferred, the user would not earn any passive income. If the transferring causes the energy limit of the user account to decrease, all of the un- opened loot boxes would be burned out/deleted.
Transferring the book NFT from one account to another would lead to the cooldown phase of the book NFT. During the cooldown phase, the user could not perform any operations on this book NFT and will not earn any passive income.
Please note that the loot boxes would not be burned/deleted if the user publishes the book NFT in the Market.