Read2N Whitepaper

10.7 DAO System

Read2N DAO
The game itself is a DAO.
WCM is the governance token of Read2N.
The expenses of the group would be examined by the DAO of Read2N. The annual net income would be distributed to the pledgees of WCM.
During the first 12 months of the official launch of the game, the project team would manage the project. After 12 months, any adjustment to the whitepaper will be decided by the DAO votings. Only the pledgees of WCM have the right to vote.
There will be a bonus in the voting index of pledgees according to the pledge time.
Every book NFT collection is a DAO.
The participants of the DAO are the owners of the book NFTs of the Collection.
Participants could make and examine proposals.
Each NFT has one vote and the right of voting is not subject to the NFT quality or
The proposal could decide where the DAO funding and income would go.