Read2N Whitepaper

11.1 RCM (Reading Create Metaverse)

Supply & Income
There are 6 billion RCM in the RCM supply chain. They would be stored in the Warehouse account and distributed to the users only when users have non-zero energy for reading.
In early term, the system produces RCM according to the Efficiency attribute. When the RCM production of a certain day = 1% of the remaining RCM, switching the production mode. The user would no longer get RCM during the reading with non-zero energy, instead the user gets a value for the ’calculation power’. The system will calculate the total calculation power of all users in the past 24 hours at a fixed time every day. And the system would calculate the RCM distribution according to the calculation power of each user.
When the RCM consumption of a certain day = 1% of the remaining RCM. The system no longer destroys the recycled RCM, instead the system transfers them into the Warehouse account for them to be recycled and to ensure the supply of rewards.
Burning Mechanism (destroy)
1. Minting
2. Book NFT Upgrade
3. Item Upgrade
4. Socket Unlocking
5. Book Repair
6. Treasure Hunting
To provide a stable price for RCM in the early term of game operation, the group is allowed to lease RCM by pledging WCM with a ratio of 1:1 and repay within 90 days.