Read2N Whitepaper

3.1 Game Mode

In Single Mode, users are equipped with NFT books and earn game tokens (RCM) through reading books. However one would need energy to earn RCM and every 1 unit of energy is equivalent to 5 minutes of read & earn.
First of all, users would choose their books and press Start.
Users would see a status bar at the top right corner of the screen, displaying read & earn time plus energy consumption at the left side of this bar, and at the top left corner is the RCM earned during your current read & earn process. The system will automatically detect the user’s reading behaviour.
If the system detects unusual characteristics of the user’s reading behaviour, the user would not be allowed to earn RCM. Meanwhile, the screen would display warning about your reading behaviour.
Reading time is not limited, however, if the user has no energy left, the user would not be able to earn more tokens.
By having non-zero energy, the user would be able to earn a certain amount of RCM for every 30 seconds of reading and this depends on the following factors:
Attribute of the user’s Avatar - Especially the Efficiency attribute, the higher the Efficiency attribute is, the higher earning one would get for every 30 seconds of reading. Please refer to the section of Attributes of Avatar to learn more about it.
Regarding the transaction fee of the book NFT Collection in the Read2N Transaction Platform, 10 percent of them would be converted into WCM at fixed periods and this would be distributed to readers that own medals. The medal is the core NFT and could not be transferred to others and once someone gets it, he/she would permanently take part in the distribution of WCM. Please refer to the Medal section to learn more details.