Read2N Whitepaper

3.2 Loot Box

Loot Box is a trophy box and it might appear randomly in Single Mode. It contains different types of items. Every user account has 4 loot box slots therefore you could maximum have 4 loot boxes at the same time.
Read more than 4 points of energy in a row to get a loot box
It shares the same five quality types with respect to the books. When you acquire the loot box, the system would select a random number within a certain range as the cost to open the loot box. The cost would be renewed at 3:00, 9:00, 15:00, 21:00 Greenwich time. Once the payment has been made, the user could open the loot box to get the item.
The number of items issued
common 1
uncommon 1-3
rare 1-4
epic 2-5
legendary 3-6
Types of props from treasure chests of each quality
1 book cover
2 wcm
3 scroll fragment