Read2N Whitepaper

4.1 Attributes of Avatar

1. Efficiency (RCM earnings): Efficiency plays an important role in RCM earnings. Having a higher Efficiency attribute means more RCM earnings for each unit of consumed energy.
2. Luck (Loot Box): Luck would affect the loot box’s occurrence probability and quality. Borrowers could also receive loot boxes while borrowing the book. If the events of returning/rolling-out of the NFT happen, the energy limit of the account would decrease and the loot boxes that have not been opened would vanish.
Users could burn RCM to upgrade their Avatar and at some milestones, one would need relatively more RCM. It takes a fixed amount of time for each level’s upgrade and the time spent for each upgrade would increase with Avatar’s level.
Once the upgrade is complete, users would gain extra attribute points and they could decide on how to distribute them between Efficiency and Luck.