Read2N Whitepaper

4.3 Quality of the book NFT

There are 5 quality types of book NFTs. When you open a book box, the value of Resilience of the new book NFT would be randomly chosen in a given range. Therefore, the distribution of the attributes could vary wildly even for book NFTs of the same quality type.
Users could burn RCM to upgrade their book NFT and at some milestones, one would need extra RCM. It takes a fixed amount of time for each level’s upgrade and the time spent for each upgrade would increase with book’s level.
Once the upgrade is complete, the book NFT would gain extra resilience points.
When the book NFT reaches the milestones at certain levels, this would unlock extra privileges (denoted as ’Event’) as follows:
Level 5
Unlock Socket 1, Unlock the function of minting new books
Level 10
Unlock Socket 2
Level 15
Unlock Socket 3
Level 20
Unlock Socket 4
Level 30
Unlock participation in the distribution of transaction fee & DAO governance