Read2N Whitepaper

7 User’s Avatar, Socket, Item

Avatar is also named as 'iNFT' in the game.
The user would freely get an Avatar once registering for the account.
The Avatar has attributes of Efficiency and Luck, and Energy bonus etc. It could be upgraded to get extra attribute points which could be distributed to either Efficiency or Luck attribute by the user.
The Energy bonus could only come from the items.
Your Avatar has Strength bar of maximum 100%, and every 30 seconds of read & earn (equivalent to 0.1 energy) would consume 0.4% of Strength bar. When you have no Strength left, you would not get any further income by read & earn. Therefore you would need to spend RCM to recover your strength and the cost of recovery is related to your current Efficiency: higher Efficiency means higher cost of recovery.
The Avatar has many sockets and items could be installed in these sockets. Items could be used to increase the Efficiency and Luck attributes of the user, plus the Energy bonus.
The types of items include:
1. Hat
2. Necklace
3. Bracelet
4. Clothes
5. Glasses
One might acquire items that could be installed in the Avatar’s sockets by opening the loot boxes.
There are many items and items could help increase the attributes. Some items could upgrade and gain higher attributes.
Some items have level requirement and they could not be installed in the sockets if their minimum level requirements have not been reached.