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8.6 Minting Scrolls

Minting would require 1 Minting Scroll and 2 book NFTs. The Minting Scrolls would be burned out permanently after the minting.
There are different quality types of Minting Scrolls and higher quality Minting Scrolls would improve the probability of minting high quality book boxes while reducing the probability of minting low quality book boxes.
One could get Minting Scroll fragments from the Loot Box. The amount of Minting Scrolls/Minting Scroll fragments released daily by each book NFT Collection is relatively fixed. They would appear randomly in the Loot Box produced during the reading of this literature.
1% of the remaining quantities would be rounded up and released daily. The remaining quantities that have not been minted would be displayed on the Collection page in real time.
If the Collection’s NFT is minted after using the Universal Scroll, the remaining quantity will get updated. The amount of release of Non-Universal Scrolls on the same/next day would decrease accordingly.
If the amount of minting scrolls of a certain book reaches the limit, then:
a. Universal scrolls could not be used for the minting of the book
b. The small/medium fragments of the minting scroll of the book would no longer be produced. New combinations of fragments would not be allowed and the fragments could not be traded anymore.
c. The scroll fragments that have already been produced could be clicked to be destroyed.
If the literature is serial, the total amount of NFTs remains unchanged, and the releasing rate of the minting scrolls/minting scroll fragments would be adjusted according to the circumstance of the series.
Universal Scrolls
A certain amount of Universal Scrolls would be released daily in the entire game (they could be used in any NFT Collections). These scrolls appear randomly in Treasure Hunting event.
Universal Scrolls also have their fragments. One needs a certain amount of fragments and burn RCM to craft the Universal Scroll but this process might fail.

Minting Scrolls

Minting Scrolls can be used in the minting process of the same series of bnft. Any kind of minting Scrolls can be used in any quality bnft minting process. That is, minting scrolls of the legendary level can be used in the minting process of common and common quality bnft.
The minting Scrolls will affect the quality of the bookbox that can be cast by the bnft combination in this minting.
Minting Scroll Quality
Lowest quality bookbox probability for bnft combinations
Combining medium-quality bookbox probabilities for bnft
Highest quality bookbox probability for bnft combinations

Success probability of scroll fragment synthesis

Raw Fragment Level
New Fragment Level
synthetic success probability
small fragment
medium fragment
medium fragment
big fragment
big fragment