1 Overview

Metale is a Web3 global content asset distribution and trading platform.
It includes a global content rights governance NFT trading platform Metasset, and a global content entertainment platform X2N .
Metale is a decentralized community for content translation and dissemination, utilizing blockchain-based incentivized collaboration technology, AGI tools such as ChatGPT for collaboration, and Gamefi and NFT trading as monetization models, to create a profitable platform for its users.
We aim to help every literary work published on Web3 to be translated and disseminated through a decentralized community, without any value judgments, content censorship, or short-term commercial considerations, so that they can reach every corner of the world at an unprecedented speed.
This kind of international translation was unimaginable in the pre-AGI era. It will quickly expand the international content industry beyond the Chinese/English markets (such as Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, etc.), including disseminating local content and spreading content to local audiences.
NFT trading based on blockchain technology gives the content industry a strong capital boost, allowing more forces to actively participate in the internationalization/localization process of content dissemination.
Note: Metale is currently in public beta, so the content of the Whitepaper may change in the future. We will keep detailed records of every modification.
Function Token: RCM (Reading Create Metaverse)
Governance Token: WCM (Writing Create Metaverse)
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