1.1 Metale Protocol

Metale Protocol is a collection of Web3 global content asset issuance and trading protocols. It includes NFT issuance protocols, NFT trading protocols, on-chain content storage protocols, DAO on-chain copyright governance protocols, token mining protocols, and other decentralized protocols. Within the Metale ecosystem, you will also find centralized products such as creative support tools, AGI content translation tools, and content payment solutions.
Metale Protocol leverages blockchain as the foundational technology to incentivize collaboration, employs AGI technologies like ChatGPT as collaborative tools, and utilizes content payments and NFT trading as monetization methods. It aims to create a decentralized content translation and dissemination community with the potential to generate income.
This protocol assists every literary work choosing to be distributed on Web3, with no considerations for value judgments, content censorship, or even short-term commercial interests, by using a decentralized community to accomplish translation and dissemination at unprecedented speeds, reaching every corner of the world.
This kind of internationalized translation was unimaginable in the pre-AGI era. It will rapidly expand the international content industry beyond the Chinese and English markets, encompassing regions such as Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, and more. This includes both disseminating local content and spreading content to local audiences.
Additionally, NFT transactions based on blockchain technology infuse the content industry with significant capital dynamics, encouraging more stakeholders to actively participate in the internationalization/localization of content dissemination processes.
Note: Metale Protocol is currently in the public testing phase, and therefore, the content in this whitepaper may be subject to future changes. We will meticulously document each modification.
Utility Token: RCM (Reading Create Metaverse)
Governance Token: WCM (Writing Create Metaverse)