2.1 Content copyright governance NFTs

Creators can transfer the copyright of their created content to the DAO of that work through a transfer process announced publicly. Subsequently, the DAO of the work will issue up to 5,000 governance NFTs.
Users holding these governance NFTs can participate in governance matters of the work's DAO, thereby governing the copyright of that content work through DAO governance. They can also read the content work without restrictions. Content copyright governance NFTs will be issued in accordance with Metale Protocol's issuance rules.
Content copyright governance NFTs come in two forms. One is the Bookbox NFT issued according to the ERC1155 standard, and all Bookbox NFTs within the same collection share the same characteristics.
The other form is the BookNFT issued according to the ERC721 standard, with each BookNFT having unique characteristics. Both of these NFT types represent copyright governance NFTs within a specific collection and possess the same rights in terms of copyright governance. Bookbox NFTs can be unidirectionally converted into BookNFTs through a claim process.