2 How to start?

First of all, users would need to download the Read2N application:
1. Download Read2N application: You could simply download it from App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Google)
2. Register for your Read2N account: After visiting this application from your device, you would be able to use your email address to register for your Read2N account. Once you successfully receive a verification email from us, you would need to use the attached verification code to get into our application.
3. Create a new wallet: Click the ’wallet’ icon on the top right corner of your screen and the application would generate a 12-character secret phrase for you. If you have uninstalled the application or forgotten your password, this would help you recover your wallet. Important: Please note that this phrase is meant to be kept in a safe place
(you could write it down physically and store it at a place that only you could visit.)
4. Transfer the BNB into your application’s wallet: Transfer the BNB into your wallet in the application and use them to buy the NFT books in the Market. Please make sure always keep some BNB in your wallet as gas.
5. Buy a book: Go to the Market and select your book! You could use the filter function to look for your favourite book and you would need sufficient BNB to buy it.
Congratulations! You are now ready. You would get a certain amount of energy after you buy the book for the first time. You could start your Read2N journey right after your first-time purchase. You would get a certain amount of energy every 6 hours.